The building continues to take shape and substance at an amazing rate. Looking at the building, you can see distinct floors and a roof. The building’s form and style are becoming more and more apparent, much like an artist whose work is slowly revealed as it comes nearer and nearer to completion.

Here are some highlights of the building process. There are further developments and preparations for the roof. The building’s trim was begun, the building’s parking lots, driveways, and drainage are continuing to be developed. If you go to see the property, the parking lot looks amazing. Electricians have installed the concrete bases for light poles so, not only is the parking area stylish, it will be well lit. One of the most exciting things this week is that the lower level floor is poured and wall framing has begun! You can actually start to visualize the floor plan layout.

In the title song from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang there is a line that describes the great flying car, it says. “You’re sleek as a thoroughbred; your seats are a feather bed, you’ll turn everybody’s head today. You’re more than spectacular, to use the vernacular, you’re wizard, you’re master, you’re keen.” We are all hoping the seats will be as soft as a feather bed, but the rest of this particular lyric pretty much sums up our new home. The building is sleek. People are paying attention as we build, the building is “turning heads.” When the building is finished, it will be something that will be wizard and master and keen.

In The Book of Genesis chapter one verse 27, it says, “So God created man in his own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.” Being created in the image of God, we are also by definition, creators. We all create things in our own way. Do you cook your meals? You then participate in the act of creating. When you arrange the furniture in a room, you are creating. Decorating a Christmas tree is a creative act. Anything at all that you design, work on, and maintain is a creative act. Creating things is an imitation of the work of God. As we continue to go forward with our new home, we participate with God in creating something new. A place that will be warm and inviting, a place where a stranger can come and feel welcome, a place where God’s children will gather to learn about God, to love God, and to pass that love on to others. The place we are creating together is ultimately a creative act of love.

Together towards a New Home!

(post written by Mike Roberto)