It is an amazing sight to look at the building being formed on the Bethel Road Campus. The building now has a shape. You can see how the roof will look and the division of the floors. The concrete for the first level floor has been poured, and the lower level has been prepped, and concrete will soon be poured into place there as well. These are exciting times.

Back in the 1960s, probably 1965, Walt Disney was on his property in Florida. Some of the land had been cleared, and some construction had begun, but not much. The layout for what would become Walt Disney World had been figured out. Walt knew where Cinderella Caste would be. He knew where the Polynesian Resort would be and knew where the Contemporary Resort would be. He hired a crane that would be able to go 14 stories high, the height of the Contemporary Resort. He had the crane brought to the sight of The Contemporary. The crane had a bucket attached to it, and Walt and a companion were lifted up to the 14 story height. From there it was reported that Walt used his imagination to see Cinderella Castle, Main Street, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land and all the other places that would become his Magic Kingdom. He spent the time pointing all of this out to his friend. His friend spent the time trying not to show Walt how freaked out he was over the height.

If you go to The Bethel Road Campus and drive up to the old building, you can be like Walt. You can stand by the entrance to our original place of worship. From this point, you look at the new building and use your imagination. You can see where the lobby or narthex will be and then picture the doors leading into the sanctuary. From there you can imagine the rows of seats, or pews, maybe angled in a V-shape away from the front platform or just straight rows. If you continue using your imagination, you may be able to see the first bride walking down the aisle, or, perhaps, the first parents walking up to the front with infants in their arms to be dedicated to God. If you stay with this long enough, you will see the whole life of the church played out before your eyes in our new home.

In 28 more Sundays, we will move into our new home. There is much anticipation and delight as we look forward to that day. Many of us are discussing what this home will be like. We imagine the new possibilities of ministry that can happen when we have our own home. When you live in an apartment, your choices on how to use that space are limited to what your landlord will allow or can allow. When you move into a place that belongs to you, your choices are only limited by your imagination. This is truly something to look forward too. This is a new kind of freedom for our church family.

This past Sunday, May 21, Eric spoke to us about the community watching the building go up. The outside world is wondering what the “new neighbors” will be like? Even now we make a good impression. Look at how clean and neat our sight is. Nothing is spilling into the street. There has been little to no disruption in traffic. The property is being well maintained even before the building is a reality. ValleyPoint has a long tradition of treating neighbors well, and that tradition continues.

Eric also spoke on Sunday about our need to “Move In Well.” Moving into to new place takes a lot of thought. We know what the outside is shaped like, what will the inside be? There are decisions to be made. When you build a new house, and you are getting ready to move in, there are a thousand choices to be made. What color will the walls be painted? What kind of furniture to buy for all the rooms? Then there are the appliances, the stove, the oven, the washer and dryer, the sinks and yes the toilets all have to be chosen.

For us, many of the decisions are the same. We need to choose furniture and color; we need to buy appliances, only our appliances are a bit more technical and will include a sound system, lights, video screens and equipment, and the necessary computer software and hardware to run them. We are also putting emphasis on some main rooms that function in important ways for our church community.

When we move into our new home, we won’t have much time to be ready for guests. The guests may arrive with us, so all must be ready on moving day. To make this happen, it will take our time, our talent and our resources.

Eric asked us to pray and to open our hearts and be generous with our resources. To truly “Move In Well” we need to raise $150,000. We can do this. Just as moving into a new home allows us the opportunity to sacrifice to have the things we will need to live in our home, we have the same opportunity here. This opportunity is to make our common home a place of beauty, a welcoming place, so all who come will know, just on entering the door that they are in a good, friendly and safe place.

This week’s challenge is to pray about what you can give to make our new home the most welcoming place in the neighborhood. Please pray about what you can give. If you can’t give, pray that all the resources will become available to us. We all have a vital role to play in the building of our new home. The most critical role of all is being people who pray.

Take a few minutes to watch the video at the top of this post as it describes our “Move In Well” initiative.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock, and it will be opened to you: for everyone who asks, receives; and he that seeks, finds; and to him that knocks, it shall be opened. Matthew 7: 7-8

(Post written by Mike Roberto)