Our real home continues to rise in leaps and bounds.  Much has been accomplished even within the last few days.  The steel continues to rise and get pieced together.  Much like a giant Erector Set.  That reference was for the Bay Boomers amongst us.  Actually, an Erector Set was a toy that came with metal pieces with holes in them.  There were screws, nuts, and round pieces with which you could make pulleys.  You couldn’t make buildings, but you could make the outline of a building or the framework.  For the most part, Legos have taken over.  But the Erector Sets were fun.

Many of you may have gone to Walt Disney World and ridden a ride called SOARIN.  The ride is in Epcot, and the idea was to make the guests feel like they were flying.  The Imagineers at Disney were puzzled on how to make this work.  One of the Imagineers remembered his Erector Set and went home and built a working model of what would eventually become a very popular attraction at The World Showcase area of the park.  An old toy and little imagination made all the difference.

Our building is looking much like an Erector Set Model.  The frame of the tower is going up, and there is a roof on it.  The Deck flooring is being laid and prepped for concrete, and as you drive by you can see the parking lot taking shape with curbs in place and the ground being prepped to be paved.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Many times the illustration of a tapestry is used about our lives.  The thought goes that our lives are like a tapestry that is being created, but we only get to see the back part of it with the loose strings and pieces of material, and God sees the entire work from the front.  He sees the beautiful thing that we are becoming.  We feel the pain of this life where we get pushed and pulled and where we get stuck with the pins of failure and the needles of uncertainty.  God, however, takes all of that pain, all of that pushing and all of that pulling and declares a purpose to all of it.

Our real home is like the back of tapestry right now.  We see a framework and outlines and earth being moved and shaped and though we have an idea of what it will be we still don’t know it yet.  The end product remains a mystery for about another 29 weeks.

With the building, we are trusting the architect, the contractors, the carpenters, the plumbers, and electricians to create for us a beautiful finished product.  A beautiful new home.  This week a good question to ask ourselves is, do we trust our Father in Heaven with our lives as we are trusting all of the workers with our building?  Do we trust God to create is each of us a beautiful life, a beautiful person?  Let’s walk with God this week with a new hope that our lives in our new home will be a light for the world.

Together, towards  a new home!

(post written by Mike Roberto)