Traveling through the town of Media you cannot help but notice all the construction going on. On the one side of town, townhouse and apartments are going up, and they look like they will be a beautiful addition to the city. On the other side of the city, however, a very different building is going up. The new Wawa.

This Wawa will look very different from any other we have seen. First, it rises two stories. They are making brick entrances which, when done, will make the building very stately and certainly make it fit into the town that house our local justice system. Many are waiting for this new Wawa to be finished. They are wondering, what will it be like inside? Will it be different?

Meanwhile, not far away in Glen Mills, another building is beginning to rise. The concrete footers are poured, walls are up, and great steel beam framing is being placed, and it is a glorious thing to watch. This building is not a beloved a local convenient store, but it is our Real Home.

The funny thing is we are asking similar questions about our new home. What will it will be like inside? Will it be different for us? Other types of questions are also being asked. Will this new building and the life that goes on inside our new home be able to enhance our influence within our local area. Will we be a light shining in the darkness?

In Proverbs 29 Verse 18, it tells us “When people do not accept divine guidance they run wild.” This has also been translated “Without a progressive vision, the people will run aimlessly.” Our Real Home and Wawa have this in common. Wawa has a progressive vision to open stores in as many places as possible as well as meeting the needs and adapting to the environment of its host town. We in many ways share this vision; we want to reach as many people as possible for Jesus Christ and meet the needs of the town and environment that we have chosen to make our home.

Valley Point Church has both accepted and seeks divine guidance and therefore we, as a church, are not running wild.

On Sunday, April 30th, we came together as a church to seek further guidance from our Father. At 6:00 PM a prayer meeting was held on the grounds of the Bethel Road Campus. It was a very moving experience where worship was held and God was thanked for the miracles that have occurred to allow the building to go up and for His continued provision for the construction to be completed. Eric and Tonia Koehler were joined by a number of kids and students as prayers were offered. The opportunity was offered to sign your name into the concrete of the building. As Ben Jones so beautifully put it, “The names of those who have sacrificed for our future Real Home are forever written within the walls.”

We need to continue to lift up our Real Home in prayer. There are now only 30 Sundays left until we take up residence there. Keep our Real Home as part of your daily time with The Father. If you have children or live with family, take the time to pray together. The building may be made of concrete, steel, and wood but it is faith in our Father that will make it rise.

Together, toward our New Home!

(Post written by Mike Roberto)