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    Prayer event at Bethel Road Campus – this Sunday, April 30th at 6pm.

    Come out for a powerful time of prayer together as a church family on the site of our future home (rain or shine)! Please use the Garnet Valley High School entrance on Bethel Road that borders our property. Look for parking attendants to direct you. There will be very limited onsite parking due to steel being delivered this week! Be prepared for shoes to get a little dirty as the property is an active construction site. Pretzels and drinks will be served afterwards. 

    We will see you Sunday!

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    The big news of the week is the foundation is being laid, and the walls are going up!  Think about how exciting that is.  For weeks we have been watching earth get moved from place to place.  We literally saw what the Bible uses as a metaphor, our mountains were leveled, and our valleys were raised up.  Things were going on under the ground as piping was put down and drainage plans became a reality.  Now a foundation and walls, we have much to be thankful for.  God even made the weather cooperate with us.  Our winter was so mild that a lot of work could be completed.

    We call our building project REAL HOME.  All houses, or at least all well-made houses, have a foundation as well as walls, but when does a house become a home?

    A house becomes a home when activity begins within the walls.

    So much happens within the walls of a home.  Birth, death, marriage celebrations, birthdays, graduations, engagements, arguments and forgiveness all take place in a home.

    It will be no different when our REAL HOME becomes a reality.  All of life will take place within the walls of our new home.  People will announce engagements.  Marriages will take place.  We will find out when a couple is expecting a child, we will celebrate with them when the child is born, and we will celebrate again when the child is dedicated to the Lord.

    We are people, and from time to time as people, we will argue and fall out, like any other family, but within these new walls, we will find the ability to forgive and the blessing of being forgiven.  We will lose people.  Friends will move away, and that will hurt as we say goodbye.  People will die and go to be with the Lord, and we will mourn their loss as we celebrate their new life.

    We will party.  Weddings, baptisms, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Eric’s 110th year as our pastor!  We will celebrate all of that and more.  In our new home, within our new walls, we will do all of life, and we will do it together.
    The walls are just going up, and there is still much to do before our real home is completed.  On Sunday, April 30th at 6 PM there will be a prayer event for our real home.  This event will take place at The Bethel Road campus, and all are welcome to attend.  We need God’s help, and blessing on all of the work and it would be great to have all of us there as a family.

    We can’t wait to see you this Easter Weekend. You can see our weekend line up here!

    Together towards a new home (34 Sundays until opening day)!

    Post Written By Mike Roberto