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    During the last week or so you would think that somehow the seasons have gotten confused as it has felt much more like Spring than Winter. Where is the snow and the sleet? What happened to the need for hot stews and soups, long underwear, wool hats and that scarf your grandmother knitted you? Those that like to ski and sled and ice skate have been disappointed with the performance of winter so far, but for Valley Point  Church the weather has been a real blessing as our building project makes more and more progress.

    Because of the favorable weather the beginning of the process of construction called Cut and Fill is being accomplished. Cut and Fill is when the construction company makes a sectional topographical map of the worksite, and then they decide how to “cut and fill” the land to make it ready for construction. They have already removed all of the grass and the main hill. This is all being accomplished by Horst Construction and Excavating, and we are right on schedule. Praise God!

    Being on schedule means that we will soon be ready for Building Pad Prep. Building Pad Prep is getting the land ready for construction work to begin. After Building Pad Prep is complete, the footing and foundation can be started, and this means the beginning of pouring concrete. We hope to see this at the beginning of March.

    In other exciting building news: Mark your calendar for Sunday, March 5th, 2017. On that day we will get a chance to meet a friend of ValleyPoint, Mr. Todd McMichen. Todd is our Real Home campaign consultant, and he has worked quietly alongside our leaders though out our Real Home journey. Todd will be speaking on March 5th.

    The following Sunday, March 12, 2017, will also be quite special as we will see the conclusion of our initial Real Home Campaign which began three years ago. We will get the chance to see building layout images as well as the latest artist renderings of our new home. Neither of these Sundays should be missed.

    Psalm 127: 1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” We spent the last three years dreaming and planning our new home. We have seen God move mountains as government officials and planning commissions came alongside us and helped get the water supply flowing through our property. Things that had never been done in Glen Mills before got approved for us. We have steadily raised the funding needed to begin the work and now as our first building campaign comes to an end the building itself begins to take shape.

    The work is only beginning. Please keep our new home in your prayers and we hope as many as are able will continue to give generously toward the project. It is our fervent hope that we end The Real Home Campaign on a strong note and be able to look ahead to more exciting developments!

    (Post Written by Mike Roberto)
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    Horst construction fought through the bad weather elements at the beginning of the week to keep ValleyPoint on schedule! Site work has begun on the building footprint as Horst is currently cutting and filling the building area in preparation for the building pad! You have to drive by our Bethel Road location and check it out. God is good ValleyPoint!

    Together towards a new home!

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    ValleyPoint! These are fun days, watching our future “Real Home” begin to take shape. We are currently on our construction timeline and are moving forward. Continue to pray for the project and good weather!

    Check back regularly for weekly updates on our progress. Have a great week, and we will see you Sunday as we continue week #2 of “Fight!”

    Together, towards a new home.